Representing Canadian Athletes and clubs in a variety of sports

Sporting Scouts

Representing local and international players to play in Canada from coast to coast to coast. Sporting Scouts is a Canadian and international player's agent in the football world, recognised by the FIFA, and Soccer Canada. We also scout Beach Soccer, Field Hockey and Rugby players. Both players and clubs can call upon our services. Our extensive scouting network and our constant striving to provide top-quality services guarantee a successful collaboration tailored to the club and the players. Our intermediary is registered with Soccer Canada

The staff of Sporting Scouts

The staff of Sporting Scouts have many years of experience as personal football ans sporting advisors and supervisors of players, coaching and refereing experience. Our team maintains daily national and international contacts with clubs and players.


Services for players: Job placement, contacts with many clubs in all national divisions and many countries, personal supervision, advice concerning contracts, transfer regulations, tax law, social security, dietary advice, mental coaching, physical coaches, medical supportand financial asset management.


For clubs; world-wide scouting network, extensive portfolio of players for all positions and divisions, advice concerning contracts, transfer regulations, tax law and social security. Gamedayfootage services to give your coaches access to real time video analysis.


Sporting Scouts wishes to be a professional link between ambitious athletes and clubs. We translate your expectations and needs into a concrete proposal and try to bring both parties into contact with one another. We want you, your team, your club to reach unimaginable heights.

.01 Sporting Scouts Combines let you get in front of recruiters from pro teams and reputable varsities

Elite U10 to U18 players perform physical and mental tests in front of professional Leagues, varsities and top ranked school coaches and scouts. The scouting combine is significant, allowing personnel to evaluate upcoming prospects in a standardized setting. Portions of the combine are filmed.

.02 You're a free agent

Until we find you a home, you are free to sign with anyone at anytime, no strings attached. Sporting Scouts works with you every step of the way to get you exactly what is the best fit for you as a player and a club. There are no upfront fees.

Allow our reputable team to work for you to get you to the top.

.00 Game day filming services Gamedayfootage

Gamedayfootage is a subset service of Sportingscouts. CAPTURE HD FILM THAT SHOWS EVERY DETAIL FROM 25' ABOVE THE SIDELINE. Our Game day films package includes video coverage of the entire game from an experienced pro. It is time to ELEVATE YOUR GAME ANALYSIS.

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